Allied Capital Title - Champaign

201 W. Springfield Ave, Suite 101
Champaign, IL 61820
ph: 217.403.3434
fax: 217.403.3435
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Closing Department
Stephanie Bohlen, Manager:
Dawn Thorn:
Jessica Pickett:

Construction Department
Cathy Harmon:

Wayne Bolton:
Melissa Meade:
General company email:

IT Manager
Adam Hobbs:

Search and Exam Department
Michelle Follmer:
Ken Stotts:
Cathy Weatherford, Manager:

Senior Underwriter
Louise Dreher:

Title Assistant
Tanya Rhodes:

Allied Capital Title - Charleston

415 7th St.
Charleston, IL 61920
ph: 217.345.2730
fax: 217-345-2747
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Branch Manager
Ted Gardewine:

Search Department
Becky Adams:
Chris Lindsay:

Allied Capital Title - Danville

42 N. Vermilion Street
Danville, IL 61832
ph: 217.442.3100
fax: 217.442.4688
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Closing Department
Cara Allen, Branch Manager:

Policy Department
Paula Hart:
Susie Phenicie:

Search and Exam Department
Allison Fitzwater:
Bob Huffman:

Allied Capital Title - Crawfordsville, IN

127 E. Main St. #301
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
ph: 765.362.1704
fax: 765.362.1756
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Branch Manager
Cara Allen:

Closing Department
Ronda Hutchison:

Search and Exam Department
Jennifer Starnes:
Stefanie Deaton:

Allied Capital Title - Paris

208 West Washington
Paris, IL 61944
ph: 217.465.5821
fax: 217.463.7265
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Closing Department
Debbie Leeman:

Search and Exam Department
Ann Greenlee:
Jasmin Hays, Manager:
Amy Simpson:

Title Production
Melody Weir:

Allied Capital Title - Tuscola

108 W. Sale Street
Tuscola, IL 61953
ph: 217.599.1393
fax: 217.599.1395
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Exam Department
Fran Heinz:
Tina Manuel, Manager:

Policy Department
Courtney Benting:

Bray Title Services - Effingham

1000 West Jefferson Ave
Effingham, IL 62401
ph: 217.347.3300
fax: 217.347.3399
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Branch Manager
Ted Gardewine:

Closing Department
Lori Claar:
Angie Jones:

Policy Department
Vicky Bray:
Beverly Nichols:

Search and Exam Department
Nancy Carter:
Mia Jones:
Angie Simmons:

Zelle Title Services - Springfield

3223 Meadowbrook Road, Suite C
Springfield, IL 62711
ph: 217.726.3142
fax: 217.547.0220
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Branch Manager
Kim Young:

Closing Department
Linda Chance:
Sarah Schmitz:

Customer Service
Shellie Jones:

Policy Department
Anni Martin:

Search and Exam Department
Sherri Hagerman:
Angela White:

PDQ - Springfield

2475 W. Monroe St.
Springfield, IL 62704
ph: 217.241.8999
fax: 217.726.5753
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Branch Manager
Theresa Singer: